Ashlynn and Matt’s fairytale wedding day was a dream to photograph. The vibrant colors, unique details, and fun-loving spirit of the couple made for a truly magical and unforgettable experience!

Capturing Magic: Ashlynn & Matt’s Fairy-tale Wedding Day

Wedding Day Second Line in New Orleans

Alexis & Nick’s Intimate St. Vincent Wedding

Our goal as photographers is not just to capture moments, but to create memories that will last a lifetime. The fun and spontaneity of Alexis & Nick’s wedding day allowed us to truly showcase our passion for vibrant and colorful photography. Every click of the shutter was like painting a unique masterpiece, with the couple as our muse and the stunning scenery of St. Vincent as our canvas.

Same sex couple engagement photo

Capturing Moments Beyond Tradition: Non-Traditional Engagement Photography

Unveil the extraordinary realm of non-traditional engagement photography with Linka Odom Photography. In this captivating blog post, delve into innovative concepts and stunning imagery that redefine the conventional norms of engagement photography.

Bride and Groom reading vows under huge oak tree in New Orleans City Park

Laily & Ben’s Alluring Elopement

I can’t articulate it, but your eye really spoke to both of us, and we both loved how you pay tribute to the beauty of New Orleans in your photos.

Decoration and florals for a wedding in the courtyard of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

The Perfect Prescription: New Orleans Pharmacy Museum Weddings

If history, originality, and aesthetics resonate with you, and you’re looking for one of the most unique New Orleans wedding venues, then you need to explore the Pharmacy Museum.

Bride and Groom on Balcony of Pharmacy Museum on their wedding day.

Why Wedding Film Photography Is Trending Right Now … And Why You Should Consider It

Here’s why wedding film photography is making a comeback — and why you should incorporate it into your New Orleans wedding!

bride and groom in jasmine

A Seersucker Romance: Lizzy and David’s Floral Infused New Orleans Wedding

The photographic tale of Lizzy and David’s sweet wedding day at Capulet in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.

bride and groom on wedding day

Punk Rock Love Unleashed: Mike and Kit’s Unforgettable Wedding at The Royal Frenchmen

Mike and Kit are a badass couple, their wedding night united not only their love for each other but their shared passion for great music and debauchery!

bride on her wedding day photographed with traditional film

Tatiana’s Self Marriage: A Wedding Ceremony at the Tigermen Den in New Orleans!

Tatiana’s choice to marry herself symbolized her commitment to loving and accepting herself wholly and unconditionally with a little New Orleans Halloween inspiration to boot!

Bride and Groom photographed with black and white film

Sierra & Cody’s Magical Day: An Intimate Wedding at the authentic New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

Discover Sierra and Cody’s intimate wedding ceremony in the heart of the French Quarter. Join us as we delve into their magical celebration of love!