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When I was a kid visiting my Grandmothers house, I would always stop on her stairwell to stare at a picture of my parents from their wedding day. I still recall thinking how romantic it was, how beautiful my Mom looked, how happy my parents seemed in that photo. Truthfully, my parents didn't have a good marriage. So seeing that photo always meant a lot to me. Photography has always been wondrous to me; nostalgic, timeless, historical, it freezes a moment forever in time. How incredible is that?



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  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Expression
  • Respect
  • Growth
  • Little Moments
  • Eccentricities
  • Intimacy
  • True Freaking Love

What I'm all about

Why I do What I do

I absolutely LOVE what I do and I am truly invested in making your big day something you will never forget!

My Philosophy

Love is a wild ride, just like your wedding day will surely be. Soak it up, it’s going to move fast and be filled with magic. My work is to document all of it, with a little finessing here and there. Your wedding photos will mean more to you as time passes and thus my goal is to create graceful and timeless images of you and your loved ones. As a wedding photographer, I am emotion focused. My job is to capture all the smiles, the tears, the laughs and the romance of the day in its entirety!

Why I do what I do?

Photographing love stories has changed me in many ways. It's something I have been shy to admit in the past, but I am in awe of my clients taking a giant leap of faith to commit to each other. I've been photographing weddings for the past 4 years and over this time I have become kinder and more compassionate, My clients teach me how to be a better person. I love being a witness to how you express yourself and how you two relate to one another.

I guess you could call this work therapeutic, it fills me with optimism. I am inspired by love, kindness, and connection!

I shoot both film and digital!

I have been a photographer for more than 25 years and when I started, digital didn't exist. I began shooting with traditional film cameras. So I love bringing these cameras to my sessions. I shoot with a Pentax 67 medium format camera and an original Canon AeE1.

Film images are totally unique and perfectly imperfect. I find that film adds a touch of romance and nostalgia that digital photography just cannot achieve. Film takes time, as I have to slow down and really shoot with intention. 

If film is one of the main reasons you are hiring me, then we will want to add more time to your wedding day. Believe me, it will be worth it!

What makes me tick...

+ Dogs, I'm obsessed. Please tell me you want to incorporate your precious pups into your wedding day or couples session.

+ Installation Art, I create one of a kind photo based installations that travel to festivals all over the world.

+ Postcards, I love them so much I started my own company. Hoot Hoot Post.

+ I can often be found dancing around my living room to 80's synth pop.

+ I have lived all over the world, including Texas, Florida, NYC, Colorado, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, & Berlin. I found my home here in New Orleans.

+ I teach photography every summer at a Kids Camp in New Orleans. You can check out more about Art Camp 504 here.

+My nickname is @themissinglinka because I am often traveling and I have a nack for connecting people. 


She went above and beyond. She is a beast behind that camera! Do yourself a favor and book Linka! She delivers in every way. Amazing communication, a keen eye, extraordinary creativity and good energy. You can tell she loves what she does and it shows in her work. There will be absolutely no regrets.

Stephanie & Alexis

We are so very thankful for all the amazing pictures she took that have preserved the best day of our lives forever. She is seriously soooo good.

Jenisha & Gregory

The absolute best! So talented at what she does. I love her work AND her! She is a gem. Thank you Linka!

Sarah & Johnny

Linka's photographs are incredible. They are beautiful, interesting, and wholly pleasant to view. Her eye for imagery pairs well with a need to capture precious moments. On top of that, she was very warm and welcoming and funny and sweet and committed to my vision for my unorthodox wedding/special day.

Tatiana & Tatiana



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